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Ionmax ION612

Dehumidifiers help to optimise the humidity level in your home to alleviate problems caused by humid air, such as mould and mildew growth, and pests such as fleas, cockroaches, clothes moths and dust mites. Our dehumidifiers are designed to be efficient and user-friendly and have added features such as negative ionisers and air filters. Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers have also been rated by consumers as the top choices for efficient moisture removal. Explore our range of dehumidifiers to choose the best one for your needs.


Our Top Rated Dehumidifiers

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Featured Articles

Indoor humidity levels are so important to maintain not only our health but also our home and office's condition. In this section, our articles discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy indoor humidity level, how to prevent mould from growing, and how to choose a dehumidifier. We also tackle one of the most frequently asked questions that we get - the difference between compressor and desiccant dehumidifiers.


Ionmax Dehumidifiers

Top Rated in Australia

Ionmax dehumidifiers are some of the top rated in Australia. Recently reviewed by the CHOICE Consumer Body, the Ionmax ION632 and Ionmax ION612 Desiccant Dehumidifiers both came up on top when compared to other brands and models, and were highly recommended for their efficient moisture removal. Get the CHOICE Dehumidifiers Review here.

Various Safety Functions

Your Ionmax dehumidifier is also built with various safety functions to make it safe to use even without monitoring. Each dehumidifier will switch off automatically when it overheats, or when the tank is full or removed. When an abnormality is detected, the dehumidifier will switch itself off and provide an alert, preventing a safety hazard.

Remove Extroardinary Amounts of Water Per Day

Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers remove up to 10L of water a day while remaining energy efficient. More importantly, the Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers maintain their moisture removal performance at low and high temperatures, making them excellent for all seasons - from summer to winter.

User-Friendly Features

Designed with the user in mind, Ionmax dehumidifiers are built to make them easy to use. This includes small things like timer functions, handles on the water tank, and continuous drainage options, as well as more important features like various modes, built-in air filters, and built-in humidistats for automatic operation.


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