Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad – Christmas 2017

Earlier this year we came up with a list of cool items we can honour our Daddies with. Now it’s the holiday season and we’ve compiled yet another list of lovely Christmas gift ideas for Dad! Take a look at our list and youjust might find that gift you are looking for!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad


1. Beer Chilling Coaster Set

christmas gift ideas for dad
Beer Chilling Coaster Set for Daddy

Does your Dad love to spend an afternoon or evening chilling on the porch alone or with friends? Then, this is one cool idea you can wrap for him on Christmas! Replace the messy ice cubes with these coasters made from stone, aluminium, cork, granite, and. hardwood ash. Just freeze the coasters for at least thirty minutes before using. Maybe better to store in the freezer for better results! The coasters are tested to keep a beer chilled for around 30 minutes. What a cool idea isn’t it?

2. Hummer Jump Starter Power Bank

unique gift ideas for dad, Hummer Jump Starter Power Bank
Hummer Jump Starter Power Bank


Dads who love to sail the seas or drive around the city will surely love this Hummer Jump Starter Power Bank. The Hummer H1 is a powerful 800A / 12V portable jump starter, capable of jump-starting the dead battery of large 7L petrol or diesel vehicles – even jet skis and speedboats. It can be used as a jump starter for up to 20 times on a single charge! Running low on smartphone battery? No worries, your Dad can also use this product to power-up his phone. Lastly, the Hummer Jump Starter and Power Bank features 3 modes including SOS signal and emergency strobe LED lights. The LED lights are bright enough to use even in the darkest of days.

3. AlcoSense Zenith+ Breathalyser

AlcoSense Zenith+ Breathalyser


We always want our parents to be safe. What better way to keep our Dad’s guided when spending the night out with friends is this powerful personal breathalyser. Zenith+’s compact and professional design makes it an excellent personal breathalyser our Dads, it’s sleek and sophisticated. This personal breathalyser was designed carefully considering the user’s need to drive safely. Our Dads (or even our moms) can experience uninterrupted use and unrivalled continuity with Zenith’s replaceable sensor. They can change it anytime, anywhere, and at their own convenience. We may never be always at our Dad’s side to remind him not to drink and drive but at least he’ll have this breathalyser to keep him guided.

Tech Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad



4. Amazon Echo

unique gift ideas for dad
Amazon Echo

Is your dad a techie? Someone who loves the latest technology and innovation? Then, look no further than the Amazon Echo. One of the nicest Christmas gift ideas for Dad, this sleek little technology is like his personal assistant. The Echo follows every command via voice control: report daily news, play his favourite ballad or rock, storytelling with an audiobook, and the best part? He can always talk to his new PA to order him a pizza without lifting a finger!

5. SolarCam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Outdoor Wireless Security Camera - SolarCam (1)


Empower your Dads with the Solarcam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera. Give them the power to stay connected at home or watch-over his property or business with this product’s seamless connectivity. The SolarCam is plug-and-play and you’ll never have to worry about it after installation.  The Solarcam acts as an excellent outdoor wireless security camera as it is completely wire-free, works day and night, and is self-sustainable just with solar charging.



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