The Latest Additions to the Andatech Team

Welcome to the new additions to the Andatech team – Happy Boys! We don’t actually know where they came from or why they suddenly appeared in our office, but over the last few weeks these cute little guys have been appearing on our desks and have become a point of pride in the Andatech office.

Essentially just a pot full of grass seeds, these little guys have become a basis for competition as we literally watch grass grow and try to out-do our colleagues as we attempt to grow the best grass hair-do. Current trends seem to range from sparse haphazard sprouts, centralised mohawks, wide spread tangles and in Andy’s case – a crazy mullet which doesn’t know which direction it is going.

Check out our crazy Happy Boys:

  • cassie
  • vivien
  • sunil
  • sudirman
  • irwandy
  • ichih
  • happy_boys
  • haircut
  • duy

Our Boss, Irwandy, has managed the best head of hair so far. Not being one to wait for things to happen, his Happy Boy seems to have caught his ‘Right-This-Moment’  impatient aura and miraculously brought on a burst of growth to produce a luscious, flat-top crew cut with sprouts so thick it could double as a small table. Not quite sure how he managed this – perhaps it is Irwandy’s eternal optimism that encouraged this miracle. More likely it was brought on by the rich environment of Negative Ions created by all the lamps, humidifiers and air purifiers he has running in his office 24/7.

A few staff members like I-Chih have customised like their Happy Boy by adding facial features (ie. a mouth) to make her angry looking guy actually look happy. The rest of us have gone for ‘default’ settings.

The variation in growth results seems to be a result of 15 different interpretations of the excellent instructions presented in plain Engrish on the box. I have included these instructions for your enjoyment:

Plant instruction:

  1. Take the Hair Man Plant out of the box
  2. Let the plantin steep in boiling water for one hour Then on the desk
  3. After one week. The plant will growing, need marinafe water 5minutes, 3days one time
With easy steps like that, how could we get it wrong?

A few things have changed in the Andatech Office since the Happy Boy invasion. Previously, our morning routine involved entering the office and homing in on the coffee machine. No longer the case! Now we enter the office and rush to our Happy Boys in anticipation to see just how much growth was achieved in the wee hours of the night while we were home getting some shut-eye. Anticipation is normally followed by cheers of exclamation of moans of dismay depending on the results. Watering, trimming (or style cuts) are performed and optimum positioning for light collection achieved. Once our Happy Boys are happy, THEN we have coffee.

At this time, no one is sure how long this phase of horticultural genius is going to last. It will probably end up being like a Tamogotchi – you know the addiction is over when you forget to feed (or in this case, water) it for several consecutive days. At the moment, we are still having a lot of fun with our Happy Boys and enjoying the friendly office rivalry 🙂

Check out our gallery above to see our current progress with our Happy Boys!


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