Soberlive Breathalyser With Streamlined Wireless Data Solution Launches

Andatech announces the launch of the Soberlive breathalyser. The Soberlive is a new, WIFI-enabled wall-mounted breathalyser.

Andatech designed the Soberlive to increase efficiency of effective alcohol testing in the workplace.


Live testing-to-reporting capability advancing workplace alcohol testing policies

Irwandy Tan, the Director of Andatech, said that the Soberlive is designed specifically to fully utilise the Andatech Hub online to consolidate testing data.

To take a test, users log in using an existing access card or a user ID and pin number.

After the breath test, the Soberlive sends and syncs live test records to a server via wireless internet.

“Managers can access test records online by logging in or even live as they come through,” Mr Tan said.

“The Soberlive sends managers an email notification when an employee has tested over the limit,” he said.

In addition to that, the Soberlive breathalyser offers workplaces the ability to set preferences and settings according to their policy needs.

“Managers can set BAC limits based on their workplace policy. You can also configure to send notification emails either immediately or in a daily report.”

Mr Tan said that the Soberlive will assist enforcement of workplace policies seamlessly, especially in companies with multiple locations.


Cleverly designed all-in-one breathalyser

andatech-soberlive-breathalyser-wifi-video- (1)


The Andatech Soberlive breathalyser comes with a built-in straw dispenser and houses a 9-inch (1280 x 720 px) tablet for administrator access and to display videos and results.

Additionally, the Soberlive breathalyser boasts video playback, direct video upload and syncing to a server.

Customers can also customise the Soberlive for licensed venues such as pubs, bars, hotels, stadiums, clinics, hospitals, public places, and more.

Mr Tan says that Andatech is working towards adding RFID access and Paypass payment to the Soberlive in the near future to fully utilise this.


Exceptional accuracy

andatech-soberlive-breathalyser-wifi-video- (3)

The Soberlive’s large electrochemical fuel cell sensor delivers exceptional accuracy. Furthermore, the advanced sensor ensures its long lifespan for high volume testing.

Its accuracy is on par with law enforcement breathalysers; The Soberlive provides readings specific 3 decimal place BAC readings at an accuracy of +/- 0.005%BAC at 0.050%BAC.

For easier maintenance, the Soberlive not only requires calibration only every 6 months; It takes unlimited tests between calibrations. In addition, its sensor is removable for convenient replacement.

The Soberlive is certified to Australian Standards AS3547 for alcohol breath testing.


Visit Andatech for more technical information on the Soberlive breathalyser.


The Soberlive breathalyser joins the family of Andatech products which is available from Andatech and authorised resellers.



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