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BrAC Breathalysers

If your workplace needs a BrAC breathalyser, look no further than an AlcoSense industrial breathalyser. Our breathalysers listed below can provide readings in both BAC and BrAC formats to suit your alcohol policy requirements. 

For more information on our breathalysers, contact us on +613 8899 6900 (or 1300 800 200 toll-free).

BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is the measure of alcohol in the blood stream. It is usually expressed as grams of alcohol per 100ml of blood or %BAC. Similarly, BrAC (breath alcohol concentration) is the measure of alcohol in a breath sample, and is usually expressed as mg/l.

Alcohol can be measured from a breath sample because alcohol in the blood stream evaporates through the lungs, into our breath, and is exhaled from the body in small amounts. Alcohol is typically exhaled at a ratio of 2100:1, but this varies between individuals and can depend on various factors. Based on the ratio, it means that 2100ml of air in the breath will have the same alcohol content as 1ml of blood in the body.

By design, breathalysers cannot measure our BAC directly - they can only read BrAC levels. Since legal driving limits in most areas are defined in BAC terms, it is necessary for a breathalyser to convert the measured BrAC reading into BAC format. This conversion is a math function using the assumed 2100:1 conversion ratio.

Andatech's personal breathalysers are preset at the factory to read in %BAC as it is the most useful for personal use.

While Andatech industrial breathalysers read %BAC by default, they can be set to display in various BrAC formats. See individual product pages for details or contact us to enquire.


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