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Andatech and AlcoSense Breathalyser Calibrations

The calibration service is important to ensure the ongoing accuracy and reliability of your breathalyser. We recommend 6-month calibrations on our breathalysers. All our breathalysers are serviced by our in-house technicians using professional equipment.

Book in your breathalyser calibration online using My Andatech. Here, you can keep track of past calibration services and check the status of current calibrations. After completing the booking, you will receive the return shipping label via email. Print this out to send your breathalyser back to us.

Other options

You can drop off your breathalyser and pay for calibration at our Victoria office:

Address: 9 Trade Place, Vermont VIC 3133 (see map)

Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

Standard turnaround time: 5 business days

We will send you an SMS or email when your breathalyser is ready for pick up.

For same business day calibrations, you must call us in advance on 03 8899 6900 to book an onsite appointment. Extra charges apply for this express service.

Andatech and AlcoSense breathalyzers can be calibrated with our New Zealand partner, ADT (Alcohol Drug Technology).

Contact ADT on 0800 238 800 for calibrations.

For warranty issues, please refer to our warranty page.


We currently have 2 calibration centres in Australia - one in Victoria and one in NSW. You will be given the option to choose either calibration centre, depending on the breathalyser model that you have.

We also have a growing number of calibration centres in Australia, Phillippines and Vietnam for selected Andatech Breathalysers.

Contact us to find an authorised calibration centre near you

  • The calibration service is not covered by warranty.
  • Faulty / damaged units cannot be calibrated but they can be repaired. To send a breathalyser for repair, follow the steps on the Warranty and Returns page.
  • Breathalysers purchased from Andatech Pty Ltd or any of our resellers come with a one year warranty (excluding calibration).
  • Breathalyser units that have been purchased from somewhere other than a Andatech Reseller/Agent or from Andatech directly will not be supported.
Personal Range Industrial Range
 Model Price  Model Price
 Alcosense Stealth $45  Alcosense Prodigy $90 
 Alcosense Verity  Alcosense Prodigy II
 Alcosense Pro (AL6000)  Alcosense Precision
 Alcosense Checkmate  Alcosense Precision +
 Alcosense Mini  Alcosense Precision 2
 Alcosense Elite    Alcosense Surety
 Alcosense Elite II  Alcosense Soberpoint
 Alcosense Volt  Alcosense Soberpoint II
 Alcosense Zenith+  Alcosense Workforce 
 Alcosense Zenith $45 (buy it here)  Alcosense Bartop