1 Year Warranty Calibration Management

Calibration Management for AlcoSense Zenith+


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A cost-effective and efficient solution to managing the calibrations of your AlcoSense Zenith+ breathalyser automatically.

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AlcoSense Zenith+ Breathalyser Calibration Management

Choose from one of the following levels of service

Level of Service



Calibrations per Year
Priority Calibration
2 business days
Zero Down Time
Extra Sensor Provided  
E-Parcel Label
5 Mouthpieces  
Fresh Batteries  
Shipping Insurance  
Calibration Certificate  
Price per Year

Worth $130
Save $45

Worth $158
Save $58



No bookings required
No need to manually book in your calibration every time it's due. We'll email you with the postage label so all you have to do is send the sensor back.

Save time and costs
Our management solution is cheaper, more convenient and faster!

Priority calibration
Skip the usual calibration queue and get your unit back sooner. With Gold Service, you don't even have to wait as we send you a calibrated sensor when your calibration is due.

Extend your warranty
Keep your unit calibrated every 6 months from the date of purchase and we'll cover its warranty. Read more about the AlcoSense Guarantee.

To maintain the integrity of your breathalyser, it needs to be calibrated regularly. However, we understand that you may not have the time or process in place to ensure that this is maintained up to standards. That is why we are offering you a breathalyser management solution to save you time and money.

Silver Service

With the Silver Service management, we will send you the postage label via email and all you have to do is print it out and send the AlcoSense Zenith+ sensor back to us in a padded bag. Once we receive it, we will calibrate the sensor for you within 2 business days and then post it back to you via registered post.

We email the e-parcel label to you when calibration is due. You print it out and send your sensor back to us.

We receive your sensor, calibrate it, and send it back to you.


Gold Service

For zero down time and more extras, opt for the Gold Service Management. With this service, we will post out a calibrated sensor to you when your calibration is due, plus a return label will be included for you to post your old sensor back to us for calibration. This ensures you always have a calibrated unit on hand. With Gold Service, we also include 5 fresh mouthpieces and new batteries with your unit, plus your sensor is covered with shipping insurance to protect against any loss or damage during transit*.

We send you a newly calibrated sensor when your calibration is due.

You replace the sensor on your unit and send the old one back to us.


For more information, feel free to contact us on 1300 800 200.


*Gold Service: You may receive a different sensor than the original one provided with your unit. The extra sensor provided will remain the property of Andatech at the end of your service subscription (unless you purchase and provide your own additional sensor). Shipping Insurance: Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for details.

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