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Coway brings health and wellness to your family and home.


Coway was established in Korea in 1989 as a producer and exporter of water filtration devices. Since inception, Coway has been dedicated to the research and development of environmentally-friendly solutions to everyday products and appliances. By challenging traditional ideas and concepts, Coway has successfully redesigned how the world looks at health through their innovative health and wellness products.

Leaders in air and water purification

Today, Coway maintains its position as the leading manufacturer of health and wellness products in Korea. Its wide range of products for the home including air purifiers and water purifiers  – all designed for maximum performance and friendly usability.

In Korea, Coway is the leading brand in air purifiers, water purifiers and juicers. They dominate more than 50% of the Korean market for water purifiers, and over 40% of the Korean market share for air purifiers. One in ten Korean households own a Coway air purifier, making Coway one of the most well-known brands for air purification in the country.

Health and wellness in every aspect

One of Coway’s most popular products is the Coway Juicepresso - the very first vertical cold press juicer to be stocked by major retail branches in Australia. The Juicepresso cold press juicer delivers greater health benefits than traditional juicers, as it thoroughly squeezes juice out of ingredients, retaining more flavour, nutrients and enzymes in juice. The Juicepresso produces a higher yield of juice as well, making it one of the best, most efficient cold press juicers on the market.

With an understanding that aesthetics are just as important as function and performance, Coway designs their products so that they integrate seamlessly into the home, making usability pleasantly rewarding. If you want the best for your home and family, you’ll want a Coway juicer, Coway air purifier or water purifier.


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