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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Andatech is the leading supplier of breathalysers and drug testing kits for Australian companies looking to ensure a safe working environment for employees.
Encourage responsible self management and promote workplace safety with the best, most accurate drug and alcohol testing equipment in the market.


Australia’s most trusted breathalysers

AlcoSense is Andatech's alcohol testing division, focused on providing accurate, reliable and easy-to-use breathalysers to individuals and companies who are dedicated to personal and workplace safety.

Our clients include fleet companies, hospitals, laboratories, licensed venues, aviation companies, and mining and construction sites in Australia, New Zealand, and around the world for alcohol testing.

Our industrial breathalysers and wall-mounted breathalysers are Australian Standards AS3547 Certified and are designed with advanced fuel cell technology and a range of comprehensive features to make alcohol breath testing in the workplace fast and easy.

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breathalyser for mining
drug test kits

Convenient on-site drug testing kits

DrugSense is Andatech’s drug testing division that focuses on developing and providing accurate and reliable drug testing kits for industrial use.

Offering a range of saliva drug test and urine drug test kits, DrugSense provides Australian companies and organisations with a cost-effective and productive solution to avoid and reduce the loss of productivity, absenteeism, and accidents in the workplace caused by drug abuse in the workplace.

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Our services

We focus on providing companies with the knowledge and skills to conduct reliable drug and alcohol tests on employees.

Andatech offers training for alcohol testing so that your workplace alcohol testing staff and procedures are accurate and fully compliant with our standards. We also offer breathalyser management services to help you maintain your breathalyser's accuracy and up to Australian Standards while saving you time and money.

Every employer has a duty of care to their employees, and this includes ensuring a safe working environment. Make sure your workplace has the best equipment for drug and alcohol testing with Andatech.

Australian Standards Certified alcohol and drug testing devices

In-house and online breathalyser training

Breathalyser management services

In-house calibrations

ISO 9001 Certified company



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About Andatech

Andatech began in 2003 as a breathalyser distributor and in 2004, became the first Australian company to receive the Australian Standard AS3547 for a personal breathalyser under $200. Since then, Andatech has strived to make a difference in the safety of its customers by expanding its product line to include highly accurate fuel cell breathalysers for industrial use. Today, we are a proud partner to over 200 businesses and a trusted provider to some of Australia's largest companies.

As an ISO 9001 Certified company, we continue to be committed to improving our processes, products and services. Having successfully maintained ISO 9001 certification through regularly scheduled audits, we continue to maintain our high standard of supplying superior products and exceptional products and services to our partners and clients.

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