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Drug Testing Kits

Accurate and reliable Australian Standard drug test kits
for workplace drug and alcohol testing.

DrugSense is part of Andatech's safety division specialising in drug testing. The range includes saliva and urine drug test kits, all of which have been thoroughly tested for quality, reliability and accuracy. Our drug tests meet the standards of drug testing in the workplace for mining, construction and aviation industries, hospitals, courts, laboratories and professional organisations, and are also an ideal option as a home drug test kit for parents. Providing fast, accurate results within minutes of testing, DrugSense's range of saliva drug test and urine drug test kits are designed to be easy to use for both the subject and the tester. Samples are easy to collect, results are error-free and easy to read and record. Our new line of home drug testing kits, which include the DrugSense DSO7 saliva drug test kit and the DrugSense DSU9 urine drug test kit, are exceptionally easy to use, with clear step-by-step instructions and easy-to-read results that provide home users with error-free, laboratory standard results. Selected drug test kits also include comprehensive adulterant checks, temperature check and pH check to validate the test samples as well as prevent adulteration. Used by law enforcement and OH&S professionals in Australia and worldwide, DrugSense drug test kits deliver fast, accurate results for personal and workplace alcohol and drug testing. If you've been wondering where to buy drug test kits in Australia, you're at the right place. Browse our range of home drug test kits and workplace drug test kits below and contact us for quotes or information.

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