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AcuDrug Saliva Test

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Designed for the Australian Market, this saliva drug testing kit is compliant with Australian Standards (AS 4760) suggested levels for THC. Incredibly easy to use, the AcuDrug comes all-in-one with swab and test. Taking 3 minutes from saliva collection to test result it’s the fastest kit on the market!

Buy the Acudrug Saliva Drug Test Kit online in individual units or cartons of 25 directly from Andatech. For large quantity purchases, contact us on 1300 800 200 or online to get a quote for better pricing:

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It is a very easy test – simply stick the swab in the mouth and when saturated, typically 30 seconds or so, remove it and screw it into the test tube. Results are typically ready in less than 3 minutes start to finish making it one of the fastest and easiest devices to use on the market today. Additionally we have personally had excellent success with it and can speak to its accuracy in detecting drug use.

The THC cutoff is 75 ng/ml which is quite low and is for the parent drug.

The AcuDrug was specifically designed for the Australian market as it is set to the AS 4760 cutoff levels. AS 4760 provides the recommended cutoff levels for saliva testing in Australia. This is the only device in Australia set to these levels with the lone exception of THC. Additionally, it is important to note that no device anywhere in the world meets the AS 4760 suggested levels for THC.

The AcuDrug device is also CASA compliant (Civil Aviation Safety Authority).


  • Set to AS 4760 target figures for all drug groups except THC
  • Tests for the Parent THC
  • Error Free – Collection test and swab in 1 device.
  • Less invasive than urine
  • Test anywhere – anytime
  • From collection to result in less than 5 minutes
  • Easy, Fast and Accurate 1-step test
  • Screens for the Delta 9 (Δ9) THC Component, not the metabolite.
  • Test for 6 drugs: THC / COC / AMP / METH / OPI / BZO

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Model No. DAIS-01
Cut-Off Levels
Test Drug

Cut-off level (µg/L)

AMP - Amphetamine


BZO - Benzodiazepines


COC - Cocaine Metabolites


METH - Methamphetamine


OPI - Opiates


THC - Cannabis Metabolites


Specifications No

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