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  Air Purifier Coway AP1008DH
  Air Purifier Coway AP1008DH
  Air Purifier Coway AP1008DH
  Air Purifier Coway AP1008DH

Coway AP-1008DH

The Coway AP-1008DH Air Purifier is the big brother in Coway's AP-1008 series of air purifiers. It is a stunningly powerful yet sleek and slim air purifier which makes the air so pristine and pure that one deep breath will fill you with a sense of well-being.

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The Coway AP-1008DH air purifier's revolutionary airflow technology, unique filter mechanism and smart artificial intelligence (AI) program combine into an air purifying system that works automatically and round the clock to keep the air healthy and clean.


Strengthened Filters

The Coway AP1008DH air purifier features a four-stage filtration system and is effective in large rooms up to 36 square meters.

The Pre-Filter first filters out large particles such as dust and human hair.

Then, the 1008DH's strengthened MCC Medium Filter helps to remove yellow sand, influenza and legionella. Three different types of filters have been customised and combined into this one integrated MCC (Multi Care Complex) filter to efficiently remove these allergens from the air.

Next, the AP1008DH's Deodorisation filter help to remove bad odours and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), neutralising any bad smells in the air.

These filters, combined with the unit's HEPA filter helps the Coway AP1008DH Air Purifier to efficiently eliminate 99% of bacteria, 80% of dust and 40% of bad odours.

The Coway air purifier's performance has also been officially certified by the British Allergy Foundation.


Coway AP1008DH Air Purifier - Filtration System
Coway AP1008DH Air Purifier MCC Filter



The Yellow Sand Filter delivers refreshing pure air to the entire house by eliminating 98.8% of yellow sand, micro sand, SOx attached to dust, NOx, and spring time allergens.

Coway AP1008DH Air Purifier - Yellow Sand / Dust Storm Filter


Legionella, which threatens health during summer, is commonly found in air conditioners and affects our respiratory system. Eliminating 99.9% of legionella, which is the source of legionnaires, the Legionella Filter is essential in the purification system and greatly beneficial to children and seniors with weak immune systems.

Coway AP1008DH Air Purifier - Legionella  Filter



The Human Influenza Filter eliminates cold viruses and allergens by utilising natural substances such as gingko leaves and synthetic enzymes.

Coway AP1008DH Air Purifier - Influenza Filter


The Coway AP1008DH's deodorisation capability is enhanced significantly thanks to its active carbon filter, which efficiently removes harmful gases such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), foul odours and cigarette smoke and odours, helping you breathe cleaner, fresher air.


Coway AP1008DH Air Purifier - Deodorisation Filter



Coway AP-1008CH Air Purifier - Smart Operation

User-friendly controls

The Coway AP1008DH air purifier visually displays how clean your indoor air quality is. It uses a special micro-controller that constantly checks the indoor air quality level and adjusts the colour pollution indicator lamp accordingly to ensure you're getting clean, purified air every time.


Coway AP1008DH Air Purifier - Filter Replacement Indicator

Filter replacement indicator

Lights around the buttons flicker clockwise when a filter needs to be replaced. The air flow LED indicates which filter needs to be replaced.


Intelligent control system

Dust & Gas Sensor:
Optimal air purification is possible with constant monitoring and accurate measurement of indoor air pollution through the sensors (dust sensor, gas sensor) that check the level of dust particles and bacteria.

CDS Sensor (Light Sensor):
Automatically detecting variations in ambient light intensity, the CDS Sensor switches operation to Sleep Mode when the luminous intensity is less than 1 Lux for 3 minutes. When the luminous intensity returns to more than 2 Lux for 5 minutes, operation reverts to Auto Mode. The CDS Sensor: saving energy and enhancing restful sleep.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Control System:
Unattended operation is regulated by an AI control program that adjusts airflow in accordance with the level of indoor air pollution and switches to Power Saving Mode or Sleep Mode when appropriate and safe.


Coway AP1008DH Air Purifier Slim Design

Powerful, silent and energy-efficient

The Coway AP-1008CH's Ultra Thin Filter reduces the depth between front and back. Plus, its innovative flow design reduces the space around the fan allowing for a slimmer design & higher air purification efficiency.

This also reduces the frequency for cleaning the Coway filters, making it more convenient for you.

To reduce noise generation & enhance CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), Coway selected the BL-DC motor and applied optimal air flow by using computerised simulation.

Cleverly Designed for you

Child Safety system
When the front cover is open, the device stops operation automatically.


High energy efficiency 
Even though air purifiers are sensitive to power consumption, many other manufacturers omit this point. The Coway air purifier is highly energy-efficient and is prepared with an Energy Star certification. It consumes between 3.9W of energy in silent mode to approximately 37.8W of energy in Turbo mode.


Easy & economic filter replacement 
The  filters can be very easily changed without any equipment, because the front cover is attached to its body by magnet. Coway's filters are available in full sets so you can save on costs. Plus, with the AP1008DH's filter replacement indicator, you only change the filters when it's needed.


  • Ultra slim design
  • One-touch operation on a digital panel
  • Four-speed manual mode, auto mode, silent and sleep mode, power saving mode
  • Triple filter integrated into a single MCC filter
  • Shields against various airborne allergens and seasonal allergens
  • Colour pollution indication and filter replacement indicator
  • Zero ozone emission and highly energy-efficient
  • Combat allergies and seasonal air-borne illnesses
  • Awarded the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) Seal of Approval
Coway AP-1008DH Air Purifier
Model No. AP1008DH
Coverage Area 33 sqm
Negative Ion Output None
Air Flow 5.0 m3/min (maximum)
Input Voltage 220 V – 240 V~ 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power Consumption 47 W
Dimensions H: 645mm, W: 354mm, D: 194mm
Product Weight 7.3 kg
Warranty 1 year
Extra Features
Certificates & Awards REDDOT DESIGN AWARD
ETL( or cETL)
Filtration Pre-filter (permanent, clean/wash every 2-4 weeks)
MCC medium filter (replace every 4 months)
AC deodorisation filter (replace every 12 months)
True HEPA filter (replace every 12 months)
CADR Smoke: 166
Pollen: 176
Dust: 184
Features Air quality indicator lamp
Filter replacement indicator
CDS, Gas and Dust sensors
Manual, Auto and Sleep (Power Saving) Modes
Child safety cover
Magnetic cover attachment
Synthetic leather front cover
Motor Type BL-DC
Motor (Fan Speed/ Noise Level / Power Consumption / Air Flow Rate) SILENT- 340rpm/ 20.7dB/ 5W/ 44.9CFM
LEVEL 1- 430rpm/ 24.8dB/ 6.2W/ 61.8CFM
LEVEL 2- 600rpm/ 34.5dB/ 11W/ 97.8CFM
LEVEL 3 – 730rpm/ 39.7dB/ 17.5W/ 124.3CFM
TURBO – 980rpm/ 47.3dB/ 38W/ 178CFM

Please note: This pdf manual is in US version. The actual manual provided with the unit is Australian Version with 220v

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