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Wall Mounted Breathalysers

Andatech Soberpoint 3

Australia’s First Choice for Wall Mounted Breathalysers Online

Promoting safety in workplaces and licensed establishments

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Wall mounted breathalyzers for workplace safety

Andatech's range of wall mounted breathalysers are the ideal tools to enforce an effective workplace alcohol testing program. Units such as the Andatech Soberpoint 3 and Soberpoint 3 Lite are easy to use - employees can take an alcohol breath test on their own using a regular cylindrical straw, blow into the unit, and get a reading. With the Soberpoint 3's wireless internet connectivity, OHS managers can even get the test results along with the unit identifier, date and time, sent directly to their email if the test result exceeds the company's set limit. The Andatech AccessPoint is another excellent option to breath test employees before they even enter the work site, ideal for construction sites, mining sites, or any entrance point. There's also the Andatech Soberlive wall mounted breathalyser, which is completely internet-enabled and allows user login, remote access, automatic upload of test results to a server, and more, to enable OHS managers to completely and remotely control multiple breathalysers from multiple locations at the same time.

Wall mounted breathalyzers promote RSA

Businesses can demonstrate their commitment to Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) with an Andatech wall mounted breathalyzer in their establishment. By encouraging customers or club members to take a breath test after a few drinks, businesses can help to promote responsible drinking and driving at the same time. Furthermore, the wall mounted breathalysers can be used to generate extra passive income. The Andatech Soberpoint 3 Coin can be configured to accept any number of $1 or $2 coins for each breath test. For cashless convenience, the Andatech Soberpoint 3 Wave needs simply a swipe of a credit card or Paypass / Paywave to take a test, at a price set by the owner. Talk to us for options on using our wall mounted breathalysers for your licensed venue or establishment. Contact our sales team on 1300 800 200 to find out how you can get an Andatech wall mounted unit installed, maintained, and generating income at a low setup cost.


If you have questions regarding the best breathalyzer for yourself, or for more information on breathalysers, workplace breathalyzers or other products, feel free to call us on 1300 800 200.