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1 Year Warranty Hummer H3 Jump Starter Power Bank
1 Year Warranty Hummer H3 Jump Starter Power Bank
1 Year Warranty Hummer H3 Jump Starter Power Bank
1 Year Warranty Hummer H3 Jump Starter Power Bank
1 Year Warranty Hummer H3 Jump Starter Power Bank
1 Year Warranty Hummer H3 Jump Starter Power Bank

Hummer H3 Jump Starter Power Bank


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The lightest jump starter in the market that can bring cars and jet skis back to life. The Hummer H3 Jump Starter and Power Bank gets the job done without breaking the bank. Get what you need when you need it with its other functionalities of a power bank and emergency light.

Arriving 12 December 2017



Jump Starter

Get your engine running again within seconds

Looking for a reliable jump starter to bring on that road trip with you? Look no further with the Hummer H3’s Jump Starter and Power Bank. Resurrect dead batteries of 3.5L petrol or 2.0L diesel engine vehicles - that’s anywhere from a car to a jet ski! This is the world’s smallest and thinnest jump starter that can be used for up to 10 times in one go. It’s light at only 210g, it’s budget-friendly, but it’s definitely more than meets the eye!

Power Bank

6,000 mAh Capacity - Fast charging whenever you need it

Imagine getting stranded on that road trip! Fortunately, the H3 Jump Starter and Powerbank can power up at least two* phones, simultaneously, in one single charge. Complete a full charge of your smartphone in just an hour with its 6000 mAh and 2A/5V output capacity. Take advantage of its 12V output cigarette lighter to power up all brands of electrical devices such as a vacuum cleaner and air compressor. This gadget is designed just for you!
*Based on a Samsung S8 battery capacity.

LED Light

Your light in shining armor

It’s a torch that doesn’t burn but can light up the darkest of areas. The H3 Jump Starter and Powerbank has three modes you can use whatever the situation is: use it as a flashlight, an SOS signal, and as an emergency strobe lights.

Military Grade Spark-less Protection System

Use the Hummer H3 Jump Starter without worries thanks to its military grade sparkless protection system, which protects against over discharge, over voltage, overheat, reverse charge, reverse polarity and short circuits.

Jump Starter Power Banks

Rugged, Robust, High Performance

Modelled on Hummer's robust and rugged style, Hummer Jump Starter series inherit Hummer's pedigree of multi-functionality, a common feature of military vehicles. Equipped with a built-in illuminating system, they can power a wide range of digital products, manifesting Hummer's supremacy in the field of automobile.

Model No. HUM-H3

Battery Capacity : 6000mAh (22.2Wh)
Battery Type : Lithium-ion
Battery Life Cycle : 1000+
Battery Standby Time : Up to 6 months
Jump Start Current : 12V/150-300A
USB Output : 5V / 2.1A ; 5V / 1.1A
Output : 5V / 2A
Input : 5V / 2A
Operating Temperature : -20C to 60C
Dimensions : 13.4 x 7.9 x 1.5 cm
Weight : 0.23 kg