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Workplace Breathalyzers

Andatech Prodigy S

Australia’s First Choice for Workplace Breathalyzers Online

Promoting healthy work environments for you and your staff

Andatech professional workplace breathalyzers are tested vigorously to Australian Standards to ensure accuracy and durability to maintain workplace safety and employee safety in your company. We also provide additional services including breathalyzer training, breathalyzer rental and management. With added features such as bluetooth connectivity, wireless internet connectivity and data upload, our workplace breathalyzers make alcohol testing in any organisation efficient and effective. Andatech workplace breathalysers are also eligible for an extended 5 year warranty covered under the AlcoSense Guarantee. Shop the range of workplace breathalysers online below and contact us if you'd like any assistance at all.

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Alcohol breath testers for the workplace

Whilst breathalyzers are more commonly utilised by the police and individuals, many alcohol-related crimes and injuries happen within the workplace. If one or more employees have an addiction to alcohol, or are consistently arriving at work intoxicated, you need a fast and accurate means to gauge their blood alcohol levels. It is paramount for employers to promote a safe and productive work environment to ensure the general health and wellbeing or everybody within it. Andatech alcohol breath testers are known for providing fast and reliable results so that you can quickly and efficiently breath test your staff members.

Andatech breathalysers offer a non-invasive means to test your staff and are ideal for fast random checks, to police your workplace, without taking up too much of your precious time. We pride ourselves on the premium quality of our breath alcohol testers available online and their consistently accurate results for workplaces throughout Australia.

For information on our workplace alcohol testers or personal breathalyzers, or to know where to buy a breathalyser online in Australia, contact us today on 1300 800 200.