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Innochair TEEN Series

Ergonomic study chairs ideal for home and work use. Tilts back up to 180°, great for stretching, sit up exercises, and even napping!

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Office Chair Features

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Great for doing situps

To do situps, unlock the back tilt lever, stretch out your arms above your head, lean back and sit back up again. The back of the Innochair helps to keep your back straight while you're doing situps. Equipped with back rollers, the Innochair prevents friction and provides a massaging effect while you're doing situps.

Extremely easy to assemble

The best thing about the Innochair is that it's easy to use and even easier to assemble.

With only 3 main parts that need to be attached to each other, you'll be enjoying your new Innochair within minutes!

Ergonomic Office Chairs to keep you Comfortable and Productive throughout the day

The Innochair TEEN TEEN series is designed for teenagers and young adults. It's perfect for use at home as a study chair or computer chair, and is designed to be highly practical, comfortable and better for health. With ergonomic features and a 180° fully reclining back, the Innochair is perfect for daily use, stretching, napping, and simple exercises at your desk.

Better health and productivity

We spend the majority of our day sitting at our desks, either hunched over books and papers or staring at the computer screen. Sitting down for a prolonged period of time is bad for health and can cause back pain, neck pain and even weight gain!

Poorly designed chairs and desks can cause even more fatigue or strain on your back. But an ergonomic chair like the Innochair can provide much better comfort and health benefits as a study chair.

180° tilt

With the Innochair, you can achieve your favourite posture by being able to tilt the chair back up to 180°!

It allows you to recline at 5° intervals or totally flat. Use your Innochair as a comfy recliner or temporary bed.

No more resting your head on the table - this can cause headackes, neck aches and back pain. But with the Innochair, you can simply extend the footrest, lean back, and relax.

Do simple stretches with the Innochair

It's important to do stretching exercises in order to release tension from head to toe. It's much better for health, as hunching over your desk all day can lead to aches and pains, and not to mention, weight gain.

Doing simple stretches every 2 hours can reduce fatigue, increase blood circulation, and keep you more alert and productive. With the Innochair, you can stretch at your desk to improve your health and reduce fatigue. The Innochair tilts back up to 180° for a full body stretch.

Office Chair Features

Comfortable and multifunctional

The Innochair is a study chair, recliner, and workout trainer in one!

The Innochair TEEN TEEN Series gives your study chair more functions to keep you working more comfortably and productively throughout the day.


office chair assembly

Model No. TT-A600
Material Synthetic leather
Headrest No
Footrest No
Armrest Nylon, non adjustable
Back Rollers Yes
Castors Urethane
Base Chrome plated
Tilting System 180°
Back lock and unlock Every 5°, 15 steps
Product Size size
Carton Size 730 x 710 x 390 mm