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LifeSpring Ceramic Knife and Peeler Set


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Razor sharp ceramic knife and peeler set made from Zirconium Oxide. Ultra lightweight, perfect for precision slicing and cutting in the kitchen.


If you require professional knives with a superior edge and relentless sharpness for precision slicing, this razor-sharp ceramic knife and peeler set is for you.

The knives' acute blades are made from zirconium oxide, a material harder than stainless steel and second only to diamond. The knives retain their ultra-sharp cutting edge for longer, making them the go-to option for professional and budding chefs around the world.

Ergonomically designed, easy-grip ABS handles work in harmony with the unyielding sharpness of the knives’ sleek ceramic blade.

LifeSpring Ceramic Knives are perfectly balanced, making them easy to manoeuvre and a joy to use.

No matter your cooking style, this Ceramic Knife and Peeler Set ensures ultimate accuracy when slicing and cutting every time.


  • Blades are made from Zirconium Oxide - a material harder than Stainless Steel and second only to Diamond. 
  • Retains sharp cutting edge for longer
  • Ergonomically designed and balanced with easy-grip ABS handles
  • Will not brown foods or transfer metallic taste or smell to food

Caring for your Ceramic Knives:

  • Do not cut through hard ingredients such as bone or frozen foods
  • When washing by hand or in the dishwasher, protect the cutting edge from knocking into other objects
  • Do not use ceramic knives for pressing, twisting, or prying open jars or containers
  • Do not sharpen at home - they require the attention of a professional with a diamond sharpening wheel!


Follow the care tips above to ensure that your ceramic knife blade does not chip or dull.

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