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We play by the rules, our rules

The Navigator

Irwandy is the captain of the ship, providing direction for the company and steering us towards the treasure. He started Andatech in 2003 in honour of his dad, who is his inspiration in life and work. A fighter at heart, Irwandy never gives up on anything whether it’s a game, a goal, or a problem. He will bravely tackle any obstacles in his path, and believes that taking risks is important in moving forward.

The Explorer

Nathan came all the way from the U.S. and was on his way to the office the minute he landed. No doubt, he’s the quickest guy in the office - he’s the first one onto a project, task, or new product, and he can do a million things at once. When he’s not busy travelling Australia and meeting our Mobileye resellers, Nathan is planning his next trip to Asia and Egypt, and soon... the rest of the world.

The Go-Getter

Sudirman is the glue that keeps the company functioning – handling orders, support and enquiries, and stock packaging. He’s an excellent organiser, loves to help others and is always up for a challenge - duel him in a game anytime and he will gladly take you on. He may look like your average gamer geek, but it may surprise you to hear that he hates swear words and listens to classical music. 

The Wizard

If you have a problem with your breathalyser, Hadi’s your guy. A superman when it comes to calibrations and breathalyser warranties, Hadi works to solve problems faster than a speeding bullet. He walks cautiously, though – a victim of being “too tall”. He once hit his head five times in one day, no thanks to low door frames. As if he’s not tall enough, Hadi wants to go higher and be a bird, so he can fly anywhere he wants and see the world from above.

The Timekeeper

Steve holds the key to the company’s livelihood. He coordinates where our resources go, making sure everything flows smoothly by keeping the company chugging along. He loves numbers, but not as much as he loves the colour purple and cult television. If you want to read a book, you’ll definitely find an interesting one among his collection of 1000+ novels (largely related to TV shows). Steve wonders what it would be like to be a crab, living life being able to only walk sideways.

The Bean Counter

I-Chih is our lovely accountant who absolutely loves numbers, which makes her exceptionally good at her role. She handles the figures, balance sheets and budgets for the company with efficiency and fastidiousness, yet still has the time to take care of her husband and three young boys. She dreams of one day setting up a school for underprivileged children or becoming a killer whale so she can roam the seas freely. We hope either of her dreams comes true!


A superwoman to almost everyone in the office, Joey is the one to call when you need serious back-up. A joey-of-all-trades and always prepared, she's there for everything from admin to design, to sales and logistics! When she's not in the office saving the team, she's winding down with cooking, baking, eating, and shopping. It's amazing how she keeps such a good figure with all the food she enjoys! She's probably preparing herself for life under-the-sea - she dreams of becoming a human with gills (I mean, to get a diving license), see rare marine animals, dolphins and blue whales.

Karate Master

Pedro may always be cracking jokes around the office, but you do not want to mess with him. Having learned Karate since he was 5, Pedro is a Kung Fu Legend and Guardian of the Andatechians. Oh, and he also heads the Soberpoint Project as part of his job, which is perfect because he loves meeting and talking to new people. When he's not dreaming about becoming a superhero, Pedro is busy planning his future trips to Peru, Santorini, India, and beyond.

Lightning Fingers

Vivien types at the speed of light thanks to years of practice writing essays, blogs, and articles. In fact, a majority of the things written here and elsewhere on behalf of Andatech are typed by her (like this staff page!). She finds it odd typing about herself in the third person. Vivien is also strangely afraid of butterflies, moths, cockroaches and other flying insects. To her, a spider is like an innocent sleeping baby compared to those winged atrocities.


Meet Adnan, Andatech's systems builder and IT extraordinaire. He's at the center of the heart of the company - the Andatech Hub - and will be propelling Andatech forward with device software development in the near future. He's fearless and determined, the type of person who will always finish what he starts - he once cut his thumb off while making a sandwich, and ate the sandwich anyway. Now that's what we call dedication! We hope his love for freedom and travel will lead him to his dream destination and home country, Bosnia, very soon!


You might’ve heard Erica's sweet voice when you call in to our support line. Bubbly and kind, she’s our support team superstar who loves chatting with people and helping them out wherever she can. Super talented as well, Erica’s a gymnast, singer and dancer, and she's multi-lingual too! Arabic, German, French and Spanish are just some of the languages she has under her belt; Currently, she’s learning Malay and Mandarin, and aspiring to own an airlines company so that she can travel around the globe freely.

Jak(a) of all trades!

Never is there a handier man than there is Jaka! Not only is he in top of administrative duties, he ensures our office day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently by fulfilling orders, managing logistic AND supporting all our troubleshooting needs! He is not just handy in the office, in his spare time is he currently constructing on small scale engines and dreams of rebuilding an actual car! To balance his love for food, he trains like Tiger Woods on the greens. Jaka one day hopes to run a foundation supporting various charities with his wife – truly a “Jak(a)” of all trades!

Customer Service Ninja

If you have a question for Andatech, Bev has the answer. The gatekeeper of product information and customer satisfaction – Bev makes sure our customers can get in touch however they so choose be it live chat, social media, email or telepathy. When she's not channelling customers with her mind she's playing volleyball, going for a jog or strolling around the shops. Back in her high school days, Bev used to be a bit of a dance enthusiast - so if there's a brief pause in communication, assume Bev is exploring her response in the form of interpretive dance.

Artist In Residence

For as long as she can remember, Velly has loved art and design. She loves colours, typography and conveying messages visually. Graphic Design lets her go wild with her imagination and designs encourage you to do the same. Somehow staying on top of all of the design work for Andatech’s marketing materials, product range and website, Velly’s put her mark on much of our company profile. If it’s pretty, it’s Velly.

The Lending Ear

A great listener, armed with a warm smile, and a cheery personality – Ji, our Account Manager, is fully equipped in keeping our partners and customer’s needs fulfilled . Being a foodie and an avid traveller, Ji has been dreaming of his next trip around South East Asia – specifically Borneo. He is also the undefeated “Ear Dancing” champion of Andatech and has yet to meet a single person who can tango their ears like he can – challenge him if you dare! Be warned, he will give you quite the earful.

The Exterminator
Han Chao

Han Chao’s passions are coding and debugging – and lucky for us, he is our resident web developer extraordinaire. Managing the IT department, he makes sure the rest of us IT n00bs’s issues are constantly solved, one code at a time. When he isn’t keeping the Andatech site up and running, he is busy living up to the IT geek stereotype of playing video games and conquering the chess board.

Defender of Team Andatech (DOTA)

A polyglot with proficiency in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Java and SQL, it’s not computer science to figure out that Yi is Programmer in Chief here at Andatech. Trusted henchman of Han Chao, he is one half of our star IT team. While he is the Defender of Team Andatech (DOTA Prime) he moonlights as a skilled Defender of the Ancients (DOTA). A man with great ambition (and imagination) of being a superhero, it is no doubt why he is chosen as Time’s Person of the Year in 2006.





The Next Big Thing

Would you like to be here? Join our team! We're a growing business and we're always looking for awesome new people to join us. If you're interested or would like to have a chat, just contact us! Check out our Careers Page to find out all the great benefits of working with Andatech!