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Ora-Check 5 Saliva Drug Test

Tests 5 Drug Groups - AMP MET COC OPI THC

The Ora-Check 5 Saliva Drug Test is fast and easy to use with just a simple 3-step process. Tests the 5 drug groups and provides clear results with easy to read lines.

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The Ora-Check 5 Saliva Drug Test is made to Australian Standards AS4760 requirements and tests for the 5 drug groups:

  • Cannabinoids THC, Marijuana
  • Opiates, Heroin, Morphine
  • Cocaine,  
  • Methamphetamine, Party drugs
  • Amphetamines, stimulants

The Ora-Check 5 Saliva Drug Test is very easy to use with just a simple 3-step process. Results are processed within a few minutes using easy to read lines. The testing is non-invasive and collection is user friendly. Test your employees anywhere and anytime with this compact, easy to use drug testing kit. 


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Cut-off level (µg/L)

AMP - Amphetamine


COC - Cocaine Metabolites


METH - Methamphetamine


OPI - Opiates


THC - Cannabis Metabolites


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