Why a breathalyser makes a great Christmas gift

With the holiday season fast approaching, it usually means one thing: parties, parties and more parties. Whilst we all love the idea of a few festive drinks with our loved ones, friends and colleagues, it is also a busy season for traffic police who notice a spike in incidents of drink driving.

Happy father and son enjoying themselves

Keep your loved ones safe

By giving the gift of a breathalyser to those close to you this year, you will be keeping them out of harm’s way, ensuring they don’t have an embarrassing run-in with the police to ruin their Christmas cheer. But most importantly, you’ll be ensuring they begin their 2019 with a clean license and a job.

For those who enjoy a glass or two over dinner

This year, why not give Mom and Dad a Christmas present that will keep them safe on their next evening out. A chance to leave the kids at home and remember why they fell in love in the first place, you can’t blame them for enjoying a few glasses of wine. Luckily with a breathalyser like the AlcoSense Verity in the glove compartment, they know if they’re over the legal limit and can safely jump in a taxi home.

christmas dinner drinks

Be prepared during festive seasons

Perhaps your partner is heading out for their annual corporate Christmas function. Dinner and drinks usually turn into shots and dancing before you know it, as the Christmas spirit goes to everyone’s head. Thankfully, your partner can reach for their breathalyser, tucked in their desk drawer, and at the end of the night maybe you’ll be getting a call to come and collect them. But isn’t that better than them running the risk of losing their job and their license?

Treat yourself

Giving to yourself is so on trend at the moment it even has a hashtag. So why not #treatyoself to a breathalyser this Christmas. That way, when one beer with your mate has turned into six, you can reach into your bag, check your alcohol levels and know you aren’t safe to drive. Be aware that alcohol takes a while to leave your system, so maybe you were up last night celebrating the miracle of Christmas and think you’re safe to drive the next morning? Check before you get behind the wheel, your body may not have processed all the alcohol yet and police are hot on checking early morning drivers after the big party nights of the year.

corporate gift ideas for clients

Makes a thoughtful corporate gift

Perhaps you’re the boss and you’re hosting a little get together for your hard-working employees. Naturally, you’ll have laid on a few drinks and nibbles, so why not slip a breathalyser into their goodie bags to ensure everyone gets home safe ready to start work afresh in 2019. It definitely is more thoughtful and practical than random novelty gifts that noone might ever use!

The AlcoSense Verity boasts a record response time, minute accuracy and a handy, portable size. You can even choose the colour. Alternatively opt for the new AlcoSense Elite 3, for a sleek, professional look. The results are easy to understand so no one will be taking unnecessary risks this Christmas.

So if you’re thinking of something unique, thoughtful and practical to get for Christmas this year, consider getting someone a breathalyser. Check out our full range of personal breathalysers here.



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