Gift Ideas to Fuel Your Friends & Family’s Adventure Thirst

Struggling for ideas on great gifts for adventure lovers? In your mind, it’s probably hard to offer gifts to people who’ve been all over the world and seen it all. However, there is a wide range of gifts you can choose from to impress them.

Here are some meaningful and practical gifts for adventure lovers you could surprise your friends and family with:

gifts for adventure lovers

When going on road trips, your friends probably love taking a lot of pictures and post them on social media. Still, batteries don’t last forever. Having that in mind, you could gift them a power bank. This way, they can charge their phone or camera whenever they wish. The Hummer range of power banks also have more powerful models that can even be used to jump start motorbikes, boats, and campervans, making them super handy gifts for adventure lovers with these vehicles.

Road trips can be long and exhausting. For that reason, your friends should inhale fresh air that doesn’t contain germs and allergens. This is why you can gift them this in-car air purifier. This way, the air they’ll breathe is going to be healthy and odour-free for the long journey ahead. 

If your friends have pets, this camera can help them check on their little friends while they’re away from home. It’s also handy for making sure their house is safe and secure while they’re away, giving them some peace of mind while on their travels. As the name suggests, it uses solar energy, so it’s environmentally friendly as well. Plus, it’s completely wire-free, so installation is super easy as well.

gifts for adventure lovers

  • Mobileye | $1,250.00 on

As mentioned, trips are not easy, especially when you have to drive for days. So, if you fear your friend may fall asleep on the road, consider this gift. With speed sign detection and lane detection, the Mobileye reduces the risk of accidents. For anyone concerned about safety, the Mobileye is a really good gift for adventure lovers who drive far and often.

Booze makes everything better on special occasions. Still, you definitely worry about someone’s safety if they like drinking, especially while on a road trip. This is why you should consider this breathalyzer, so they know when it’s time to stop. After all, you could still be over the legal limit the morning after a big night of drinking and you won’t want to drive then! 

If you want your beloved traveler to feel refreshed anywhere, gift them this air purifier. They can wear it around their neck, and it works on planes as well. 

Music makes everything better, and great music and sound quality can help your friends feel like they’re in a music video. Give them these wireless headphones and they will love you, as they can listen to music wire-free. Plus, these wireless headphones are super compact and perfect for bringing around while travelling.

gifts for adventure lovers

If your friends or family travel with their laptop often, then consider this hardy laptop bag. This way, they can safely bring their laptop on their trips and be sure that it is protected well while on-the-go. 

Let your friends save their phone battery for something else. If they don’t already own a camera, this Canon IXUS digital camera will be a great gift for them to document their adventures and travels in high quality pictures. 

If the road trip includes more people, maybe they like listening to music together and singing along. In this case, this car stereo would be a great option, as it lets them listen to their favourite songs. 

A great gift can make your friend’s trip even more memorable. Therefore, take into consideration our tips for great gifts that would make their adventures even more fun.

Have more ideas on gifts for adventure lovers? Let us know in the comments below!


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