Know Before You Go – Triple M Campaign

We’re partnering with  Triple M and the Hot Breakfast show this month, in a statewide campaign to promote safe driving and to urge drivers to know their BAC before they go.

Last week, we met the Hot Breakfast Show hosts, Eddie McGuire and comedian Mick Molloy, to talk about the campaign and were pleased to know that they shared in our passion of making Victoria’s roads safer and promoting safer drinking habits, especially among drivers.

Coming up to Easter next month, the police are going to be on a booze blitz, and if you’re drink driving, you could potentially lose your license, your job, or even your life.

The safest way to make sure you won’t go over, is to keep yourself in check with your own personal breathalyser. Not only can you make sure that you’re okay to drive, but it’s also an extremely useful tool to understand how alcohol affects you when you drink.

Our campaign with Triple M will be running this whole month, alongside  a web competition to win 1 of 3 AlcoSense Verity breathalysers.

triple m radio alcosense verity personal breathalyser competition

Andatech is proud to have the widest range of Australian Standards Certified personal breathalysers, and they’re available at RACV, Repco and Autobarn stores, or online at

Have a listen to the clips from our campaign with Triple M below, or better yet, tune in to 104.5FM in  Melbourne or regional Victoria to listen live.

Check out audio clips from the campaign below:

Eddie McGuire on the Hot Breakfast Show 19/03/2015:

Simon Lee on Triple M 25/03/2015:

Live Read on Triple M 27/03/2015:

Live Read on Triple M 31/03/2015:

Live Read on Triple M 01/04/2015:

AlcoSense Breathalyser Ad 1:

AlcoSense Breathalyser Ad 2:

AlcoSense Verity Web Competition on Triple M:

The AlcoSense Verity breathalyser is also available at Repco, RACV and Autobarn stores.


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