Join Us And Get Behind Queensland Road Safety Week

Queensland Road Safety Week is a chance to learn more about road safety and become a safer driver. With fun activities and community participation running from the 27th to the 31st August, the scheme aims to offer a “rules refresh” for drivers, in a bid to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on Queensland’s roads.

Whether it’s pedestrian crossing assistance, cycle safety lessons, meeting local policemen or a walk to school program, there is something for everyone from schoolkids to seniors. Individuals are invited to contribute by offering their own tips and advice, or pledging to become a safer driver. For the full program and to find out what’s on near you, check out the website:

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One of the themes of the week is drink drive awareness, there are several presentations taking place during the week. These will be informal afternoons which focus on drinking and driving responsibly, featuring games and trivia.

Every year in Queensland, 55 people are killed and 550 are seriously injured as a result of drink driving. The impact on vision, judgement, coordination and reflexes that alcohol has can seriously affect your ability to drive, even though you may feel okay.

In spite of this, 7% of Queensland drivers admit to driving whilst over the limit, and 18% will get behind the wheel the next morning.

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Owning a breathalyser to check your levels before you drive is a great way of being absolutely certain you don’t put yourself and others in danger, or risk a run in with the police. Take your Safety Week pledge to become a safer driver by using your breathalyser when you drive.

In collaboration with Queensland Road Safety Week, we are giving away free breathalysers on radio stations across Queensland this week. Tune in for your chance to win or follow the Andatech Facebook page to find out which stations are giving them away!

If you miss out, we’re offering 20% off our entire range of personal breathalysers online as our commitment to making Queensland’s roads safer. All you need to do is enter the code QRSW2018 at the checkout.

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