Safe Drinking Tips for Oktoberfest

It’s September! That means that this year’s Oktoberfest is getting closer and closer, whispering gently into your ears the phrase “I am going to destroy your liver soon.” From September 22 till October 7, you’re going to have a lot of partying to do.

Wait, what is Oktoberfest exactly?  It’s actually a German festival (now a worldwide phenomenon) celebrating Bavarian culture and flowing pints of beer.

Interestingly, Oktoberfest began as a wedding celebration more than 200 years ago when Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on Oct. 12, 1810. The wedding was celebrated with multiple days of drinking, feasting and horse races. The celebration then became an annual event.

The main Oktoberfest event is in Munich, Germany, where the first Oktoberfest was held, but celebrations can be found all over the world. However, no matter where it’s held, Oktoberfest involves lots and lots of booze.

So if you’re planning to celebrate a local Oktoberfest event this week and you want to enjoy yourself, please ensure you don’t end up passed out in a ditch and puking your guts out while all your friends are having fun.

We share some tips on how to practice safe drinking, not only during Oktoberfest, but any time you drink. By following these tips, you can enjoy your alcohol without feeling like you’ve been run over by a truck the next day.

  1. Know Your Limit

Everyone has a limit – of which we learn the easy way or the hard way. If you see that you are already getting drunk, don’t go Rambo on the drinks. Take a break – and pick it back up when the effect has passed.

  1. Sip Your Drinks Slowly

We know, chugging down a pint of beer makes you look very hardcore – but it will also get you drunk in the blink of an eye. And we don’t mean the good kind of drunk; we mean the “I’m sick, I will pass out” kind of drunk. Slow down, and you’ll be able to properly enjoy the festival.

  1. Drink Water

When you drink a lot of alcohol, particularly beer, you are going to go to the toilet – a lot. This also means that your body is going to go through some serious dehydration – which will cause your head to feel like it’s blowing the next day. Yes, my friend; that is the definition of a hangover. To avoid feeling like a total wreck anymore, try drinking that unholy stuff they call water every now and again.

  1. Nourish Yourself

And by this, we don’t mean “more beer.” We mean actual nourishment – you know, food. Drinking on an empty stomach will cause you to get drunk in a heartbeat since there won’t be anything in your stomach to soak up the alcohol.

  1. Don’t Mix Drinks

If you start with beer, finish your evening with just beer – without adding wine, whiskey, tequila, gin, Jagermeister, or any other alcoholic beverage in the mix. Not only will you get drunk very fast, but you’ll be cursing your entire existence the next day. Those who are smart drinkers will choose only one drink – and they will stick with it.


It also goes without saying that you should not drive if you drink. Grab an Uber home or hitch a ride from a sober friend.

If you only had “one or two” drinks, don’t assume you’ll still be under the legal limit. Test yourself with a personal breathalyser to find out for sure what your BAC is.

The point of Oktoberfest is that you can drink a lot while having fun with your friends. However, if you pass out before the fun even starts, you can’t call it a successful outing.

To actually enjoy this festival, drink smart – and have lots of fun. Prost!

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