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Urine drug testing is one of the most common method for analysis used for legal, health care and workplace drug screening tests. Urine tests for drugs of abuse are preferred due to their ease of sampling and rapid test results. Additionally, concentrations of drugs and metabolites also tend to be high in a urine sample, allowing longer detection times.

Our urine screen cups can detect up to 9 different types of drug groups. This includes drug groups found in illicit drugs (such as Amphetamines, Marijuana / THC, Methamphetamines and Cocaine) and those found in commonly abused prescription drugs (such as Benzodiazepine and Opiates). For companies wanting an all-in-one drug kit, we also have cups that can detect both drugs and alcohol, such as the DrugSense DSU9 urine cup.

Our urine drug screening cups offer fast and easy-to-use drug detection. Each cup comes with clear instructions on how to use and interpret the drug test results. For workplace drug screening, note that a positive result does not necessarily mean that you've found drugs of abuse because there can be many factors that may cause false positives. You should not take any serious actions until you get the results from a confirmation test / confirmatory tests at a laboratory.

Similarly, a negative result does not mean the subject is not on substance abuse as there are several factors that can cause a false negative. This may include test cups being stored wrongly or used past its expiry date, the subject being examined too late or too soon when the drugs have already passed through their urine, or you may have tested for the wrong drugs. If you suspect that someone is abusing drugs but you get a negative test result, you can test again at a later time.

For reliable drug screening with longer detection times, opt for a urine screening cup. We offer a range of urine screening kits that are easy to use with temperature strips and adulteration panels, and meet Australian Standards AS4308 cut-off levels. We also offer chain of custody books for purchase. Shop below or call us on 03 8899 6900 if you'd like assistance in choosing the best option for your drug and alcohol test detection needs.

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